The Solar System


This is a space science game which teaches children all about the sun and its planetary system. 8+

A space science game to know all about the sun and its planetary system. The objective of game is to explore the solar system, to gain knowledge about galaxies, stars and planets and details of the study of the earth and the moon. Decide who will take the first turn and roll the dice and move that many spaces on the board. If you land on: (a) Space: answer the question related to the earth and moon, (b) Space: you will be asked about planets, galaxies or stars etc, (c) on any of the planets: you will be asked a few question about that particular planet.
To begin, draw a card from the pile according to the space where your dice has landed and handover to the player on your left. That player reads the question from the card in a clear voice. Answer the question carefully.
If you answer correctly, stay where you are and take another turn, return the card to bottom of its pile.
If your answer is incorrect, go back to the space from where you started and wait for your next turn.
If you land on a space with special instructions, follow the directions written on the space.


1 x Game Board
98 x question cards
9 x planet cards
4 x pawns
1 x dice
1 x play rulebook